Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Paras Greens is a private sector enterprise involved into the Real Estate, Infrastructure, Group Housing and township development sectors in the allahabad UP.

Paras Greens diverse projects and operations touch upon the lives of people in many ways and create value by helping in overall and holistic development of communities across the region of its operations. Through its various initiatives, the group endeavors to play a relevant role by serving communities and projects that address gaps in basic societal requirements.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Paras Greens Group has embarked on several initiatives of scale in the education, healthcare and livelihood domains. Paras Greens Group endeavors to continuously learn from its experiences and adapt its policies and implementation strategy on an ongoing basis.


Paras Greens seeks to continue its contribution to the society through its distinct value proposition that meets the needs of millions of people, enhancing their lives through healthcare, improving quality of living by providing education and enabling livelihoods by creating employment opportunities- through the following:

  1. For the Business- value created for the society through business (including employment generation, market growth, creating opportunities etc.)
  2. By the Business- value created through CSR initiatives across different projects facilities with appropriate linkages to local communities in which they operate.
  3. Beyond Business- value created through interventions for the communities in diverse areas across allahabad UP of India.

The Company has made significant investments in community welfare initiatives for the under privileged through education, training, health, environment, capacity building and rural-centric interventions through its Foundation and other Trusts.

The employees of the Company also participated in many of such initiatives. During the year under review, the Company has contributed to the extent of Rs. 40,21,000/- towards CSR activities to M/s Paras Greens Shiksha & Sewa Foundation (Regn. No. 298 dtd 9.9.2014). The Foundation has started “The Manthan School” to promote education including special education and employment enhancing vocation skills especially amongst children, women, elderly and differently abled and livelihood enhancement projects and to promot gender equality, empowering women, setting up homes and hostel for women & orphans, setting up old age homes, day care centres, and such other facilities & measures for reducing inequalities faced by socially and economically backward groups and to implement other CSR activities. The Company has constituted Corporate Social Responsibility Committee to monitor the implementation of the CSR activities funded by the company and other group company. The Composition of audit committee is as follows :-



The foundation has been established with an aim to impart Primary Education Centres and Crèches at places around area of its operation, construction sites, nearby clusters and rural areas. These Centers will strive to promote & provide primary education to the children, women, elderly and the differently abled including those of construction workers at site. During the year under review, the Company has contributed an amount of Rs. 40,21,000/- towards CSR activities to M/s Paras Greens Shiksha & Sewa Foundation (Regn. No. 298 dtd 9.9.2014) running schools in Noida.


This program are aimed at supporting deserving meritorious engineering students from economically-backward families & weaker section including women and differently abled persons to pursue their education and Launch a sustainable career in engineering with reference to clause (ii) & (iii) of Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013. Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering & Management has been selected for the distribution of the proposed award in the coming financial year for a total amount of Rs. 30,00,000/-.


The Cluster Village Development Programme aims to make the quality of life of the rural population better by empowering the communities. The approach is to act as a catalyst and build community awareness about their entitlements while also providing services which were expressed as the needs by the communities themselves. The Programme looks at holistic development of the population with inputs on health, education, infrastructure development, sanitation and environment.


The Skill Development Programme, with the aim to develop skill and employ one million underserved and deserving youth across the country, has established and is managing Skill Training Institute and Training Centres for providing training and employment to the poor deserving youth in numerous industry driven trades like hospitality, sales and marketing, information technology, electronics and construction to name a few. With excellent market linkages, these initiatives resulted in ensuring employment for the skilled youth in a number of well reputed companies including many multinational organizations in the country. Under this initiative, 1000 youth have been trained and successfully employed till now.


The program supports meritorious students hailing from underprivileged families. Under the program, the Company is supporting students at the primary and secondary school level by enrolling them in good private schools and undertaking initiatives for their holistic educational development. The support is in the form of scholarships, counseling, career guidance, mentoring support and also parent motivation. In addition, the Company is in the process of establishing rural schools in Uttar Pradesh situated in remote areas, these rural schools will educate children every year with a focus on the girl child.


To enable enhanced livelihood and quality of life, promote environment sustainability through various initiatives for:

  1. Ecological sustainability
  2. Promoting biodiversity
  3. Conservation of natural resources
  4. Maintaining quality of soil, air and water
  5. Promoting renewable energy by using solar panels at the projects of Paras Greens
  6. Developing gardens and river fronts

To undertake other need based initiatives in compliance with Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013.

  1. Directly or through Paras Greens Siksha & Sewa Foundation, or a registered trust, society or company established by Paras Greens or its holding, subsidiary or associate company under the Companies Act or other Act, or
  2. Any other foundations, trusts, or a section 8 company (or erstwhile Section 25 company) or any other form of entity with a track record in carrying out activities in related areas. While engaging with partners, Paras Greens to evaluate the credentials of the implementing entity and seek relevant documents, information and details as may be prescribed from time to time.
  3. Paras Greens may also collaborate with other companies or institutions for undertaking projects or programs for CSR activities.
  • Budget
  1. The Board of Paras Greens to ensure that minimum of 2% of average net profit of the last 3 years is spent on CSR initiatives undertaken by Paras Greens
  2. All expenditure towards the programs to be diligently documented
  3. In case at least 2% of average net profit of the last 3 years is not spent in a financial year, reasons for the same to be specified in the CSR report
  4. Any surplus generated out of the CSR activities not to be added to the normal business profits of Paras Greens.
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